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  3. There were umpteen times I followed the same regime as yours. Plan once, try once, execute once, hate the plan, revise the plan to make myself comfortable(too comfortable, some times).But, later on moved to hit the gym regularly and follow the nutritionist’s advice quite seriously and I have felt the change within three months of it.

  4. But why should a forecast of success in the NFL be the measuring stick for the college award?I particularly liked college football back in the 1970s when many of the stars were 5'-9" option quarterbacks who were great all-around athletes but were way too short to think about playing anything in the NFL other than punt returner: Mark Harmon, John Sciarra, Jack Mildren, JC Watts, Rodney Allison, etc.

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  6. gäst skriver:Varför går man inte efter Topplistan där det klart och tydligt visar att folket vill att man ska granska försäkringsbolagen och urhoklningen av sjukförsäkringssystemet ? Har även afonbladet fått munkavel på sig . Inget avTOPPliste förslagen har Aftonbladet tagit upp så hur kan man säga att folket får betämma .?!?Har Regeringen satt munkavel på er ????

  7. Joyce comentou em 6 de junho de 2012 às 11:34. Julia, sua linda!Eu tenho 21 anos, e tenho uma marca de expressão na testa que eu odeio, ela é bem fina… mas gostaria de tirar ela, sabe de algum creme que faça este milagre?Beijoooo !

  8. I still can’t even begin to imagine what would have happened to Z had she somehow ended up in a different family…. She is so lucky to have dedicated, devoted parents who will go to the ends of the earth to give her every opportunity. it’s OK to be freaked out by all of this, just remember the end goal and the means to get there won’t matter….

  9. It must be hard not seeing your hubby, but at least every day gets closer to the day you will see him again :)We are making Stove Top this year, haha! It's only 3 of us for Thanskgiving and I thought that would be the easiest. I will definitely keep that turkey recipe in mind, looks great!

  10. The missing balloon isn’t really a problem; your message comes out loud and clear … I think. What’s ADULT SWIM anyway? Wouldn’t something like JELLY-FISH! or ROGUE WAVE! be clearer? … or maybe as a landlubber I’ve simply just missed the point. (How embarassing.)Anyway, I love your work (even if I don’t understand it sometimes).

  11. right! i was thinking more of the built-up ones using sand and adhesive, but it was more about the process of making it with your your own hands and the direct connection to the material. side note–i’ve never been a fan of the burned off black edges the laser cutters leave, and it feels like the disassociation from the material is still present.

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  15. 1efI love how they use osho quotes to back up their ego, the ego really is amazing! Every quote can be just as easily contradicted with another osho quote.How about osho’s statements that after a master dies his religion dies, give it ten years and it’s totally gone and those that organise it propagate a false message of the about that?how about ‘those that follow in my path must speak against me’?

  16. Yeah, staying out until 5:30am is hard to do when the bars close at 2am. I bet that Owen was pretty spent after staying out all night, Jennifer. We usually take the express bus into the State Fair, but the location we have been going to was closed for some reason. So we decided to just drive up Snelling to find a place to park, it worked out fine for us. Next time we go to the State Fair we will take the bus to the Fairgrounds so that the kids won’t be worn out.

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  24. dress & belt are great together. And the cardigan is a perfect touch. Looks great!And I look forward to the blowout tutorial! I'm bipolar with mine..sometimes great, sometimes miz! I just wish I had the $$ to get blowouts at the salon a couple times a week. 🙂

  25. Too kind. Thank you for your persistence in your own struggle to make it through the stuff none of us want to hear. You’ve been a great example to me & forged the way spiritually to challenge myself & not rest in the mediocre. Thanks for inspiring my spirit of self-discovery!

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  29. First at foremost, at least it’s so pretty and perfect. Back to reality: what world is he living in running THAT early? I always love your text recaps though. Thanks again for doing the my Q&A. It’ll most likely remain my all time favorite.

  30. Flotte bilder.Å sitter der på benken å nyte stillheten, roen, og ikke minst fuglesangen. For selv om de synger i vilden sky for tiden så gir det en fin ro i sinnet og er så glad for at det øker med fugler fra år til år.Ser frem mot varmere vær, en mildere vind, slik at en kan gå tu uten å småhutre.

  31. These were all so much fun : o )The rabbit ears..adorable just LOVE their expressions!Helium apple balloon!! Hilarious..Those guys are just delighted with the idea! Ha HAVer funny blog and fun photos.. Thanks for a bright start to Mothers Day AND my Doggie, Cinnamon, 5th BIRTHDAY

  32. I´m so sorry. I have been hearing from my friend about the horror of a toddler on roids whose daughter was on them while overcoming Kawasaki disease. I am going to share this website with her. You can feel each others pain. She said she would just wake up at like 2am and scream for “nuggies” (chicken nuggets). I love you guys and am so happy that you can start to recuperate a bit now.

  33. It is stupid.Kids will continue to die from starving in Darfur… women will continue to be raped… Why the hell should we let some in and not others.When I have something that is not eneough for all, I don’t give it to anyone. Or maybe, only to some especial people.What we should do is strenghten ourselves, strenghten our Europe.The North East Asians are doing that. Even the muslims are doing that! Why do we have to be losing time with this inferior/doomed beings (I mean, in a Darwinist view)?

  34. – Excellent post, Calvina! I love what you wrote about using your iPhone on the go – I totally do that now and whip out my DSLR when I’m at the house or someplace very local (and want to capture a particular stage the boys are going through). Bravo for being so candid and open!! xoxo, kathyOctober 2, 2012 – 12:20 pm

  35. . I’ve come to the conclusion that if someone cannot trust me to make the right decision with my body/reproductive health or cannot trust people to choose the right partner for them whether they are the opposite or same sex, then I cannot trust them with my country because these ideas are too basic to get past.

  36. "He's not hiding anything. Refusing to release whatever it is the Teapartiers (to use the kinder variation) demand to see is just a 'screw you' to them. It wouldn't convince any of them to vote for him, plus independents don't care about the issue so why bother?"It was all sealed up long before there was a tea party so your premise is stupid.People keep lids on embarrasing stuff, like Jeremiah Wright. The only reason his followers in the press even mentioned the Wright controversy was because videos of his sermons popped up on youtube and were attracting eyeballs.

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